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Welcome to The Sole Firm

With ONE SOLE PURPOSE. Supporting the benefit of the sneaker loving community Worldwide. We believe this a place for everyone in the sneaker community to share their love and passion for sneaker collecting. 


Our Background

How We Got Our Start

What started off as a group of friends sharing their love for sneakers has turned The Sole Firm into one of the leading Sneaker communities out there. We attribute our reputation to the daily interaction within our community and making everyone feel welcome, whether you’ve got 50 or 500 pairs of sneakers. We’ve developed great relationships throughout the years, we believe that all of our members and friends  deserve the highest level of respect and recognition, and we are committed to providing just that.

Explore the rest of our site to learn more about what The Sole Firm Brand has to offer, and contact us for any questions you may have. The Sole Firm is here for you.

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Meet Our Team



As the founder of our brand, Retro has a strong passion for sneakers that started at the age of 15 and now has turned that passion into a brand. Retro has a goal for the TSF Brand to grow into a consortium of business opportunities for The Sole Firm. Retro continues to be driven and motivated to grow our brand to new heights everyday As the leader of the brand Retro also deals with cross branding opportunities for TSF. Retro is also one of the hosts for our YouTube Channels.


As Co founder for The Sole Firm, Jay is often referred to as the heart and "SOLE" for TSF. Jay is driven by his desire for everyone to have a platform to showcase and share in their passion for sneaker collecting. Jay's love for our brand is undying and goes stronger each day.



As Co Founder, J3rd took his love for sneaker collecting and help build one of the largest sneaker communities that reaches across the world. J3rd will be the first to tell you that he just loves sneakers.


Heading up the social media experience or The Sole Firm Brand Fresh manages our online digital presence by creating and executing The Sole FIrm’s social media strategy by fostering, and improving the TSF communities with his passion for sneakers he is has become a great asset for our brand. Also our resident DJ Fresh has an unsurpassed loyalty for our brand. Fresh is also one of the hosts for our YouTube Channels.


Juggernaut of Soles


Juggernaut serves much like our brand ambassador. He represents our brand in a positive light, helping to increase awareness through content creation.Juggernaut embodies the  identity, appearance, demeanor, values and ethics of what The Sole Firm stands for and has an unsurpassed loyalty for our brand. Juggernaut is also one of the hosts for our YouTube Channels.

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